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How many of these can you check off your list??

You’ve done the diets – the fad diets, the starvation diets, the celebrity diets, the “healthy” diets, the “sensible” diets – and finally realized that they don’t work long term.

You’ve done the exercise programs – the fad workouts, the celebrity workouts, the hard core work outs, the low core workouts – and achieved limited results.

You’ve figured out that “lifestyle change” is just a fancy way to say that a diet and exercise program is so complicated and inconvenient that you need to rearrange your entire life to follow it.

You’ve had your thyroid checked, your adrenals checked, your hormones checked and you’ve been tested for allergies – all to discover that there’s nothing wrong with you – or that you’re allergic to everything and can’t eat anything.

You’ve done your “personal work” – you’ve addressed your inner critic, your inner child, your mommy, your daddy and your self-esteem issues.

You’ve done your “spiritual work” – you can quote the Buddha, the Dali Lama, the Bible and A Course in Miracles – to name a few…

You’ve done the self-help workshops – you could even teach a Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Cheryl Richardson, Byron Katie, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks, fill-in-the-blank workshop.

You’ve done all this work – you’ve spent all this money – you know all this stuff – and you still can’t solve the problem…

You’re still at war with your weight.

And you don’t know how to win…

You’re not ready to “surrender” – you don’t want to just “give up.”

But that monkey on your back – it isn’t monkey – it’s a 500-pound gorilla and it’s robbing you of your life.


If this is you, Welcome to “Happy Calories World!”

You are in for a treat!

You are ready for a New Body Mind Makeover™!

You CAN End the Battle with Your Body!


 You CAN have LIFE-AFFIRMING relationships with food, exercise and your body…
… and still look good too!!

You CAN Create a Body AND a Life you love!


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Happy Calories Don't Count IconThis program is changing my whole life! If you’ve ever struggled with body image or weight loss/gain/loss…you HAVE to meet this woman!

~ Julie Anne Jones
Host, Your Family Dynamic


Happy Calories Don't Count IconI was stuck. I knew from painful years of experience that diets didn’t work. And every alternative weight loss approach I tried left me feeling angry, deprived and frustrated. I thought the problem was me: I had a bad attitude; I needed to try harder.

Then I came upon Happy Calories Don’t Count, and I had the revelation that the problem wasn’t my failure, it was the failure of the diet and exercise model.

Carmela’s approach is truly revolutionary. She puts forth a new paradigm that not only makes sense, it works. Following her five steps, I appreciate my body, enjoy my food, and made it through the holiday season having lost weight. No need for a New Year resolution this time!!!

~ Dana Lightman, Ph.D.
Author, Power Optimism